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New England Patriots Links 10/24/09 - London Edition

<em>Patriots players practice at Brit Oval Cricket Grounds Kennington, London</em>
Patriots players practice at Brit Oval Cricket Grounds Kennington, London

Mike Reiss reports today's Wembley's walkthrough practices were cancelled.

Both the Patriots and Buccaneers have canceled Saturday's planned walkthroughs at Wembley Stadium. The Patriots will instead "practice" at the team hotel, according to the team's Twitter feed.

The cancelations are due to rain. The weather will be something to keep an eye on. Poor field conditions were a factor for the Dolphins and Giants when they played at Wembley in 2007.

Andy Hart offers some hits and bits from London.

[Brandon] Tate was back deep and handled the first kickoff in kickoff return drill to open practice, the only drill that was open to the media. You’d have to think at this point, and with the team on the other side of the Atlantic, that Tate is a likely candidate to be added to the roster for Sunday’s game. After that I’d say the most likely guys for the final spot would be Mark LeVoir (especially with Light sidelined), Terrence Nunn (more depth at WR) or my long shot, Isaiah Stanback. Stanback apparently took some reps at receiver earlier this week in practice and could serve as both a depth option at WR and an emergency QB.

Andy Hart notes the fans in attendance bring a soccer-like style with them, including various noisemakers like bells and whistles.

"Now I heard about the whistles and stuff. Now that may be a problem. Because I've been fined, you know, a lot for unnecessary roughness," Vince Wilfork said with a big smile. "So I have to make sure that the whistle I hear is the right whistle. You know what I mean?"



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