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Patriots in the RedZone, sponsored by ComCast



Interestingly enough, the Patriots only hit 50% for their RedZone efficiency against a demoralized Tennessee Titans.  However, their RedZone efficiency has improved from 45% to 46.15%.  Negligible, I know, but upward is better than the alternatives.

As we've discussed before, RedZone efficiency doesn't necessarily tell the whole story; it shouldn't be used as the end all be all stat to determine success.  Take, for example, the 2/2 in the Broncos game.  A 100% efficiency and we lost that game.  On the flipside, the Titans game was a 50% efficiency and it was a blowout win.

Against the Titans, there were a number of touchdowns scored outside the 20: 45 yard run by Maroney, 40 yarder to Moss, 28 yarder to Moss, 38 yarder to Faulk, 30 yarder to Welker.  We hammered Tennessee, but that will never show up in RedZone efficiency.

I'll take the lower efficiency numbers if it means a team that can get it done all over the field.