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New England Patriots Links 10/26/09 - Patriots Beat Bucs, Win at Wembley 35-7

<em>Darius Butler, Brandon Meriweather and the Patriots defense put on a show against the Buccaneers in London.</em>
Darius Butler, Brandon Meriweather and the Patriots defense put on a show against the Buccaneers in London.

Bill Belichick offers his first take on the win at Wembley.

It's a great way to end this week for our football team. I thought these guys really put in a good week of preparation. We started on Tuesday and got a lot of work done in Foxboro on Wednesday and Thursday and came out here and made the adjustment. And, you know, we went out there, played hard. Made some plays. So did Tampa. Some weren't so good, but we made some good ones. And I'm really proud of the guys for that. They stepped up.  We had a pretty good effort on defense in the first quarter. Got a couple turnovers and offensively we were able to get some points on the board, and they scored 35 points. Should be able to win in this league. So really happy with what they did today.

We got a little bit of time now to go back and regroup and work on certainly a lot of things we need to work on here going forward. We've got a tough game coming up against Miami and we know the whole second half of the season really has a lot of challenges from week to week, but we'll tackle Miami first. So good to get on the plane and get back. It's been an enjoyable couple days here and glad we could end it on a positive note for our football team.

Mike Reiss notes at this point, one thing is clear: The team boarding a plane Monday for a return to the States is a closer-knit group than the one that arrived here. And that's never a bad thing.

"We don't as football players often get to spend as much time together as we had," quarterback Tom Brady explained, after he had fired three touchdown passes to help the Patriots improve to 5-2.

"We all went out to dinner on Friday night, and just spending 10 meals together, and sitting on the plane together, I think that experience and getting to know each other will serve us well down the road. There are a lot of new players, and it's nice to come together and experience something like this. It's a unique bonding experience for all of us."

Brandon Meriweather offers his quick thoughts on the trip to London.

To be honest, I think my favorite part besides the win was going to see the palace and Big Ben. Actually, I take that back. We went to a haunted house that was over by Big Ben yesterday and just to see some of my teammates act like little kids, happened to be probably the best part of my weekend.