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Is the Patriots' Wes Welker the most dangerous slot receiver in the NFL?

This is a rather silly question for me.  It's like asking Norm of Cheers fame if he wants a beer or Jets QB Mark Sanchez if he wants a hot dog.  OF COURSE WES IS THE MOST DANGEROUS SLOT RECEIVER IN THE NFL!!  Sorry for shouting.  Anyway, the diminutive one constantly dazzles us with what seems like an uncanny and unique ability to move the chains.  In a flat out 40 yard dash, Wes Welker would most likely get crushed by other receivers.  That's because their definition of speed is based on south to north.

No, Wes isn't fast, but he is jackrabbit quick.  One of my favorite Wes moments was against San Diego in Week 2 of the 2007 season.  You'll find it at about 1:00 in this video.  Cool, huh?  He doesn't have incredible speed up and down the field and will never be mistaken as a sideline guy.  He could easily get caught running downfield.  After all, those little legs can only go so fast.  But, what he DOES have is incredible quickness North, South, East, and West.  Enough to make defenders stop dead in their tracks.

Why am I suddenly writing about Wes?  Like I need an excuse?  Well, after a 10 catch, 107 yard game in London, Welker is the reception leader for the NFL.  Big deal, right?  Wes is always at the top of the list (tied for first in 2007 and second in 2008).  It's a big deal if consider Welker has missed 2 games.  That's right.  He's the league leader in receptions with only 5 games under his belt.

Yes, I know he's one of Brady's first looks (especially when we need to move the chains) and he gets a lot of touches.  That's the simplistic counter.  The reality is he wouldn't get those touches if he wasn't as good as he is.  Simple as that.  A first down or touchdown on 58.7% of his receptions.  Over half the time he puts his hand on the ball, he's either converting a first down or scoring a touchdown.  That's just silly.

Best slot receiver in the game today.  It has a nice ring to it.  A ring of indisputable truth.