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New England Patriots Links 10/27/09 - Myth Busting on the Bye

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<em>Looks like a handshake deluxe to me - even has one arm around his shoulder.  Shame on the Wall St. Journal.</em>
Looks like a handshake deluxe to me - even has one arm around his shoulder. Shame on the Wall St. Journal.

Michael Corkery (Wall Street Journal) What Goldman Sachs can learn from Bill Belichick.  This is another example of a myth being taken for reality.  The Wall Street Journal might want to do a bit of fact-checking before printing and perpetuating lies like this.  The Patriots were never accused of "covertly video taping" anything, let alone a "Jets practice to learn their plays."  Corkery and the Journal should be ashamed. (More photos of the 'event' here)

Perhaps Blankfein could learn a few things from New England Patriot coach Bill Belichick. The coach doesn’t care if people like him or his team. He frustrates reporters with terse, evasive answers in news conferences. His staff was accused of covertly video taping a New York Jets practice to learn their plays. And when he loses (like after the Pats’ surprise loss to the NY Giants in the Superbowl in 2008), he’s been known not to shake hands with the opposing coach. What Belichick cares mostly about is winning.

Bill Belichick on the value of QB Tom Brady.  We know it, but it's nice to hear it out loud once in a while.

Tom's comfortable. Of course he's got a comfortable runoff, doing it for nine years. Tom's the guy that works hard and every week he's such a positive player on our football team, both for himself, our team and the younger players, particularly a week like this with Sam and Brandon and even Matt Slater jumping in there taking a few plays. Nobody prepares harder than Tom. Nobody works harder than Tom. And all the success that he gets on the field he really deserves, because he puts so much into it and gives so much of himself for this football team. He's a great leader. He's a great worker. And I'm glad he's our quarterback. There's nobody I'd rather have than Tom Brady.