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New England Patriots Links 10/28/09 - Belichick Okay With Maroney

Bill Belichick talks about the Patriots running game against the Bucs.

I think what happened in the game was that they played us a lot of eight-man front. They dropped Piscatelli down in the box a lot and they were chasing hard off the backside. They gave us some problems coming from the backside sometimes. We started with a reverse, and ran another one fairly early and thought that that would slow them down a little bit, and we also tried to play-action them a little bit to try and take advantage of their aggressiveness in the running game.

So on a lot of those runs, they kind of had one more guy than we had blockers. There wasn’t a whole lot of room to run, to be honest with you, and we felt like the reverses and the play-actions would be able to take advantage of their aggressiveness in the running game, and we got something out of the reverses and we hit some play-actions. We could have probably hit a few more play-actions. But we didn’t. That was kind of the idea. It wasn’t more to take it off the running backs, as it was to try and slow down the pursuit. And they were coming hard off the backside.

Bill Belichick offers a strong defense of Laurence Maroney, when asked if he gets frustrated with him.

Not really.  Well, every player can improve, but Laurence has done a pretty good job of running the ball for us," Belichick said.  "I really don't have a lot of problems with Laurence.  What I'd like to see is for us to open bigger holes to create some space for these guys and allow them to run...  He can do a better job but we can block better and hopefully design more plays to get some space and get some yards."