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Locked and loaded: Are the New England Patriots ready to pull the trigger?

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Did you ever get the feeling that our New England Patriots are on the verge of breaking out?  That all of the tools are in place to make a run for it and dominate the AFC?  I'm feeling that way right about now.  The talent and ability is there, it's just a matter of "clicking", of developing that connection that only comes with practice.

I'm talking, for the most part, about Tom Brady and his receivers.  The 26-10 victory over the Falcons would've been an absolute hammering if TB and his boys were in sync.  The other 2 facets of the game, defense and special teams, were pretty darn good, if you ask me.  We were able to take away Atlanta's weapons and, in essence, dismantle their scoring machine (Matt Ryan & Tony Gonzalez).

Brady, for most of his career, has been the most successful quarterback in the league.  He knows what that feels like and what it takes to get there.  And he knows he's not there right now.  Which leads me to believe that if he can fix what ails him, it's going to be a long season for Patriots opponents.  The fire we saw during the Falcons game is good.  It's the kind of fire that pushes the team further than they think is possible.  Brady knows how to lead a team to championships and he has the hardware to prove it.  What other team has gone to the Super Bowl 4 times in the last 8 seasons?  Only one.  Not the Colts, Steelers, Chargers, Ravens, or Titans.  Just the Patriots.  That kind of success doesn't happen by accident.

New England is ready to bust out.  They're ready to explode like 2007.  They may not be able to duplicate that storied season, but this team has all the tools in place to take no prisoners and prove that, no matter what happens, this franchise is one of the best in football.  A quarterback back from a year off, the loss of 4 key defensive veterans, a new crop of youngsters to contend with, and the loss of our offensive coordinator all add up to potential disaster.  As is typical, the best head coach for the last 10 years has handled it as brilliantly as can be expected from Bill Belichick.  No one but Hoodie can overcome the kind of adversity that he one.  To even field a successful team is a master stroke.

Fix a few things, continue developing the young guys, and this team is ready to fire on all cylinders.  It's gonna be a fun season.