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New England Patriots Links 10/30/09 - Bye Week Schedule: Rest, Recover, Refresh, Reflect, Review, Revamp

Bill Belichick addresses the media before the Bye break.

We're just working on a lot of things this week in all phases of the game - offense, defense, special teams. Obviously, we've gotten started on Miami, but also a combination of things we need to work on generically, regardless of who we're playing and that's just kind of across the board. We need to work on everything, stay sharp and improve in every area.

It's a long season, a lot of practices, a lot of different situations. You get a new opponent every week. Things are always changing, so you try to just keep moving in the right direction and just keep improving and that encompasses a lot of things. I don't think right now is the time to be happy or sad; I think it's a time to analyze where you're at and try to make it better.

Ian Rapoport listened to Wes Welker explain his secrets to leading the league in YAC.

An essential facet, the 5-foot-9, 185-pounder from Texas Tech said, is understanding coverages.

"Knowing where defenders are, knowing which way to turn, when I need to get up field, and when I have a little more room to do something else with it," Welker said. "The main thing is securing the ball, getting it up the field, and trying to make something happen."

Welker has gained most of his 484 receiving yards after contact. He said film work has enabled him to find holes in a defense he didn’t really realize were there as a rookie or second-year player.

"I didn’t learn about coverages and understand them," he said. "I knew what they were on film, but I never understood what they were doing on the field."

"Obviously, [Tom Brady] is going to put it where I need to turn," Welker said. "He can see what’s behind me. He’s a really good quarterback. We understand what each other is thinking against different coverages, how he wants me to run the routes, and where he’s going to be putting the ball. It all goes hand in hand."