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Quick thoughts and stuff

Hey gang,

on this typical New  England October night, a few thoughts:

  • Bill Belichick really shouldn't have worn those shorts.  Granted, it was a sign of the times but...dayem!!
  • Brandon Meriweather deserves AFC Defensive Player of the Week.  As humble as he tries to be, he's learned a great deal from one of the most feared defensive backs in the game - one Rodney Harrison.  Take Rodney's experience and put it in a young tiger's body.  Ladies and gentlemen, I give Brandon.  BOOM BABY!!  Bring on the pain.
  • Tom Brady doesn't deserve AFC Offensive Player of the Month.  Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love the fact that he got it.  But I think it's a bit of a sympathy vote.  You know, he's had to pull himself out of a hole to get where he is, so his battle has been that much harder than others.
  • I'm going to adopt Wes Welker.  He told me in a dream that he doesn't want to live where that SMP guy does.  He likes it where I live.  What?  Light's out?  Take 2 of the green ones?  Ok.  Ok.  Just don't put that jacket on me again.
  • Sebastian Vollmer doesn't need to learn english.  He just needs to drop defensive linemen on their backsides.  Which he seems to be pretty good at.
  • I feel bad for Joey Galloway.  It stinks his career will most likely end on a sour note.
  • If Julian Edelman doesn't get well soon, I'll adopt him, too.  He needs someone to take care of him.  I'll make him soup and get his favorite magazine and DVR his favorite TV shows...
  • Scott Zolak needs to shutup when Bill Belichick is talking during the Belestrator.  Where's Mike Lynch?
  • I hate bye weeks.  I might actually start watching rugby.
  • I want every game, for the rest of the season, to be a flat out stompin' similar to the Titans.
  • It's time for another Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA.  Mmm...hops.