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Open Game Thread: Ravens @ Patriots


Joey Galloway inactive (surprise), Wes Welker is in (woooooo hoooooo), Nick Kaczur...IN! We'll need it 'cause Baltimore is rolling into town with their #1 rushing D. Laurence Maroney has already said he'll need some Tylenol, so he expects to pound it. Fred Taylor had a great 21 carry, 105 yard performance against Atlanta, but let's see how he does today.

I expect Tom Brady to screen A LOT to throw them off balance, then hit Randy Moss for some bigger gains. Kevin Faulk and Wes Welker will be busy. Let's hope Wonderboy has shaken off a little more rust. On Defense, I want to see Derrick Burgess earning his keep and getting into Joe Flacco's head. Brandon McGowan has been a welcomed surprise at safety. On the line, Ron Brace is inactive while Myron Pryor is in - statement?