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New England Patriots Links 10/05/09 - Patriots over Ravens 27-21, A Cool Win Under Pressure

<em>Patriots safety Brandon McGowan (30) goes after a Ravens fumble during New England's game against the Baltimore Ravens.</em>
Patriots safety Brandon McGowan (30) goes after a Ravens fumble during New England's game against the Baltimore Ravens.

Bill Belichick Post-Game comments:

It was quite a finish. That was a good football game out there today. I'm really proud of our players, couldn't be prouder of them. They stepped up, went toe-to-toe with a team that, offensively, already set some franchise records this early in the season. Defensively, [they are] probably as good a defense - really clearly the best defense - in this decade. They've got some great football players.

I thought our guys really hung in there and made enough plays to win. I'm really proud of them. [They] made some key plays, a couple fourth-down stops, a couple big conversions, got the ball in, in the red area, tried to punch a few runs in there at them, but they are tough to do everything against defensively. [I] give our players all the credit in the world.

Special teams, we got some big plays in that area, started the game off with a great tempo to play, knocking the ball off on the kickoff coverage. We just got to turn it around now and get back on the road, but this is a real good win for us. [The] guys prepared hard. They had a real good week of practice, and they played pretty good against a real good football team, a well-coached team, a team with a lot of good football players. [I'm] happy to win, real happy to win.

Tom Brady comments on whether the team needed this win.

We did and it was a good team. You've got to earn everything off them and there were some opportunities out there that we took advantage of and ones we didn't take advantage of, which was why it was pretty close at the end. But it was great to see the defense step it up like they did at the end. That was a big situation for them against a good offense, and they really stepped up and made the plays.

Randy Moss Post-Game comments.

Well, I think that our philosophy and [having not been] really executing, we put a point of emphasis just to go out there and execute because we've been shooting our own selves in the toes. I think Tommy Boy [Brady] started it off with that quarterback sneak on the first touchdown and that's what really got us started. We did some good things out there. I hope, what's his name, #71 [Jared Gaither], I hope he's alright. Anytime you see a guy get carried off the field, the stadium's quiet, guys weren't really into the game, so I hope he's all right.