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New England Patriots Links 10/06/09 - Sammy Morris Greater Than His Stats Suggest

<em>Dependable Sammy "The Bull" Morris celebrates his touchdown against the Ravens.</em>
Dependable Sammy "The Bull" Morris celebrates his touchdown against the Ravens.

Bill Belichick talks about the players inactive for Sunday's game, including Joey Galloway:

Well, you just can’t take everybody to the game. We took three tight ends, we took four backs. It is probably what the norm is. Seven offensive linemen, you can’t cut there and the rest it is on the defensive side of the ball and the kicking game. Sam Aiken, he is definitely going to be there, he is one of our best special teams players. And Moss is going to go and Welker is going to go and you know, Welker has not played a lot in the last couple weeks so a guy in the slot along with Wes in Julian [Edelman]. Julian is another guy. If we could have brought another guy, well. Certainly we would like to take all the guys that we have that are healthy. We would have like to have BenJarvus [Green-Ellis], we would have liked to have Ron Brace, we would have liked Joey. All those guys were inactive but you just have to pick the guys to go.

Tom Brady comments on the roughing the passer penalties called Sunday:

It’s a tough call. I never think those guys are being malicious out there. They’re trying to make the play and it’s tough for a defensive player to pull off the quarterback, they’re trying to get to the quarterback, it’s their job, it’s what the team needs you to do. It’s a tough call for the refs. They can’t judge intent so they judge it on what happens. It really goes both ways, we’ve had some roughing-the-passer calls go against our team and we get some sometimes. I think it pretty much all evens out. Sometime you’re on the right side of it, some days you’re on the wrong side of it.

I think there are rules that are in place, not only for quarterbacks, but defenseless receivers, punters, kickers or defenders who aren’t looking. There are rules in place for everyone’s benefit. I know the quarterbacks are singled out, but you’re in a defenseless position in the pocket with a lot of guys around you. It goes for the receivers as well. They’re defenseless at times when they’re looking at the ball someone can come in and clean their clock. They’re trying to eliminate some of that stuff. Was it a bad hit, no way, he barely even touched me. The refs were calling it pretty tight that day. Coach Belichick told us the [referee] crew called the most penalties in 2008 and 2007 and they were on pace for second place this season.