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Some initial thoughts on New England Patriots @ Denver Broncos

CBSSports' Pete Prisco, in a blog entry entitled, "McDaniels is the idiot", said:

He's the one who is in his first head job and he's considering making one of the dumbest decisions a coach can make. There are only so many good quarterbacks in this league and he's thinking about trading one away. Why is he getting a free pass here? He's the one who should be getting torched.

So both parties deserve some heat. But there's no doubt McDaniels is the one who deserves the most of it.

It was specifically related to the unceremonious exit of one Jay Cutler to the Chicago Bears, but look how it turned out?  Is Josh McDaniels STILL an idiot?  And where's the apology or maybe even a simple mea culpa?  Not so with media types.  Why, on earth, would they admit they're wrong.  Need some more?  Columnist Ari Horing of pens:

Who exactly do you think you are? You need to look in the mirror and realize that you're not Bill Belichick and frankly you’re just a rookie head coach who hasn’t proven a thing yet.

So you were the offensive coordinator for a great Patriots’ offense. So was Charlie Weiss, and I think we all know how he turned out. So you worked under arguably the greatest coach of all time in Bill Belichick. So did Romeo Crennel and Eric Mangini and we know how they turned out.

Superimposing Charlie Weiss' travails onto McDaniels is pure drivel; I'm not sure, on what planet, that logic passes muster.  At any rate, hindsight is 20/20, but the amount of Josh McDaniels hate during the Jay Cutler whinefest was just plain ridiculous.  McDaniels walked into Denver and started making changes, changes he'd learned from his mentor Bill Belichick.  Belichick knows something about creating a winning organization, so it stands to reason, some of this mojo may have rubbed off on McD.  We know it certainly didn't rub off on Eric Mangini, but Josh is actually smart.

Moving on... McDaniels started making changes because he wanted to create a culture of winning.  Part of that culture was honesty.  It backfired with his then silver spooned, first string baby of a quarterback, Jay Cutler.  Agent Bus C(r)ook, PO'd Cutler was in the fourth year of a 6 year, $2 million/year contract, decided to stir the pot after seeing the kind of clams Matt Cassel was garnering on the open market.  Rumors spread like wildfire that McD had talked trade to get Cassel to Denver and when Cutler heard about it, he threw a hissy fit.  McDaniels, being the mature person that he was, basically explained to Jay that as an NFL player under contract, he was the property of the team and could be traded at any time.  Apparently Bus C(r)ook didn't inform his toddler client of this little detail.

So, where am I going with this?  Josh McDaniels was much maligned for doing what he's paid to do: create a winning organization.  Now, to be perfectly honest, I'd like him to crash and burn against the Patriots.  I want to see his old mentor absolutely school him on the game of football.  Everyone else, he can beat.

All the pundits, all the talking heads are nowhere to be found.  Everyone who said Josh McDaniels was in idiot or a moron has not written one...single...word to either apologize or retract what they previously said.  Nothing.  That's integrity for ya.

Ain't it funny how a 4-0 record shuts up the morons and idiots.