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New England Patriots Links 10/07/09 - Pees Pleased With Secondary Efforts

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<em>The Butler did it.  Big time on Sunday.</em>
The Butler did it. Big time on Sunday.

Dean Pees talks about how good it was for the Defense to get that interception Sunday.

We've been pleased with some of the production we've had back there. We've had more pass beak-ups here in the first four games than we had all last season. We've been around the ball quite a bit and we haven't given up many big plays. We've been happy with those things. You're right. You like to get those turnovers. You like to get some interceptions and show some productivity for your efforts. And that interception [by Leigh Bodden] was a great catch, just a great catch. [He was] very aware of the sideline. I think it got everybody in the secondary and the whole team excited.

Bill Belichick talks about the Patriots very competitive secondary, and how they're all contributing.

We've got good depth there, good quality. Those guys compete hard and we're going to keep using them. Maybe that will settle into one particular group, or maybe it won't, I don't know. But we'll just keep letting them play. As long as everybody's playing well and contributing, we'll keep doing that. I think that group's been pretty consistent all the way through. They've given us some plays. I'm not saying it's been perfect back there, but they've given us some plays. They've worked hard, and they communicate well together, and it's been good for the depth of our team.

Jerome Bettis (SI) offers his thoughts on the Ravens complaints about the Roughing the passer calls, and Brady's reaction.

I'll say this about Terrell Suggs' questionable hit on Tom Brady: If Tom hadn't gotten his right leg out of the way, there would have been a much bigger, much nastier collision. If I were a ref, there was just enough contact, even with Tom saving his own butt, for me to make that call. It was a 50-50 play: If they hadn't flagged it, I would have understood it. They did, and I understood that.

I also understand what Ray Lewis is concerned about. The league-wide approach to handling quarterbacks is all wrong; it sends a terrible message to the rest of the NFL: the quarterback is 10 times more important than everyone else. Does Brady get any special treatment? Obviously I believe that, too. Peyton Manning as well. And that's bad for the game. But you know what? You can't blame Brady for playing within the rules and the way a game is called.