What will happen with Joey Galloway?

To say the least, Joey Galloway has been somewhat of a disappointment this year. Poor route running, rock hands, and that back of the endzone incident. The aged veteran doesn' seem to be catching on. I even wrote a little song about him in one of the posts. To the tune of "Hello Dolly":

Hello Joey, oh hello Joey

You are great except for these few minor facts:
You cannot catch Joey. You’re no natch, Joey.
And that line there in the endzone you just cannot cross.
The fans all hope, Joey. At the end of their rope, Joey.
And we’re hoping that you’ll someday get your ring, so
Catch the ball, fella. And maybe we’ll take it all, fella.
Joey you were really great. Joey, we don’t wanna hate.
Joey just catch the football once and score.

Joey is 11 catches shy of becoming the 30th player in NFL history with 700 career catches.

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