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New England Patriots Links 11/11/09 - A Salute to America's Veterans

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<em>Thank a veteran today</em>.
Thank a veteran today.

Stephen Gostkowski named AFC Special Teams Player of the Week.

Gostkowski was a perfect four-of-four on field goals against Miami (30, 38, 34 and 40 yards), tying his career high with four successful kicks in a game. Gostkowski also had four field goals against Atlanta on Sept. 27 and had four successful boots in two games in 2008 (at N.Y. Jets on 9/14/08 and vs. Arizona on 12/21/08). In addition, Gostkowski kicked three of his six kickoffs into the end zone with two going for touchbacks to help limit Miami's dangerous kickoff returner Ted Ginn, Jr.

Gostkowski is second in the NFL with 73 points and is on track to finish the season with 146 points. Last season, he had an NFL-best 148 points.

Kerry Byrne The Tom Brady - Peyton Manning rivalry is The Greatest Quarterback Rivalry in NFL History.  Here are a few of the reasons why:

The games always have playoff implications. Brady-Manning have faced each other three times in the playoffs (2003, 2004 and 2006). Each time, the team that won the regular-season battle hosted the playoff rematch. Each time, the team that hosted the playoff rematch won the playoff rematch. Each time, the team that won the playoff rematch went on to win the Super Bowl.

Both are among the best passers in history. Manning set a record when he passed for 49 TDs in 2004; Brady broke his record when he passed for 50 TDs in 2007. Manning set a record when he posted a 121.4 passer rating in 2004; Brady posted the second-highest mark in history, with a 117.2 passer rating in 2007. Today, Manning is No. 2 on the all-time passer rating list (95.3); Brady is No. 4 (93.4).

Both are among the great winners in history. Brady has won a ridiculous 107 of 136 career starts, a .787 winning percentage. Only Otto Graham, playing in the early 1950s, won more often. Manning has won 132 of 199 career starts, and his .663 percentage is among the best of all time. This year, his Colts will win at least 12 games for the seventh straight season — a string of success unmatched in history.

It’s rare for two quarterbacks for two quarterbacks to win so often — it’s even more rare for the same two quarterbacks to face each other almost every single season.

Both are MVPs. Brady-Manning have combined to win league MVP honors in the 2003, 2004, 2007 and 2008 seasons, not to mention Super Bowl MVP honors after the 2001, 2003 and 2006 seasons.

It’s unprecedented for guys with seven different MVP trophies on the mantle to meet so often.