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The New England Kinevals? American Patriators?

File this under "thank god they kept it in-house."

Noted graphic artist Ken Carbone took a shot at redesigning three of what he felt were the worst graphic designs on NFL helmets.  Number three?  The "Flying Elvis" of your New England Patriots.  Now, I've never been a fan of the new design.  I'm very partial to old Pat Patriot, ready to snap the ball and rip off your face.  But Elvis is so significantly better than what this professional dreamed up that it makes me glad to have him.  Peter Fonda would be quite at home in this, but man!  What a horrible football helmet.  Just horrible.


Follow the link to Fast Company and read the universal panning this design gets in the comments.  (Including some valid insight into what being a patriot means up New England way.)  I can't say that any idea I'd come up with would be an improvement over what we already have, but I goddamnguarantee you that it'd be a huge improvement over this...this...monstrosity.

via Fast Company, KSK