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BigBlueShoe invades your mind and scrambles your brains with all things Patriots v. Colts

Hiya Patriots fans! Once again, we are in November. Once again, we have the Patriots v. the Colts. Once again, your headmaster has been stupid gracious enough to hand me the keys to your blog. Once again, I plan to poop on your living room carpet, leave the toilet seat down, and drink all your booze before I leave... so to speak.

For roughly seven years, we fans were blessed to have one of the best rivalries in the history of pro football played out annually even though the two teams in this rivalry did not reside in the same division. This year, the rivalry is still the same. The key ingredients are still simmering. However, what is a bit different is the flavoring.

Gone are Tedy Brushi, Marvin Harrison, Richard Seymour, Bob Sanders, Mike Vrabel, Marlin Jackson, Rodney Harrison, and Tony Dungy. These men helped build this rivalry up into something unique and special. Cowboys v. 49ers never reached our peak, nor did Giants v. 49ers. Patriots v. Colts is a special grudge match that, in many ways, is the envy of rivals who play each other twice a year. While Giants fans, Cowboys fans, and Eagles fans all love to boast about the NFC East rivalries, I can say with absolute confidence that they people have no idea what rivalry REALLY is until they experience Patriots v. Colts.

This rivalry has produced some of the greatest game ever in NFL history, be they playoff or regular season. No offense to the NFC East, but their games do not come close in terms of magnitude, awe, and sheer football OMFG-did-you-see-that-play!-ness.

So, yeah, Patriots v. Colts is a big deal. Anyone who dismisses it is a hater of football, or what is sometimes referred to as a "Jets fan" (calm down Jets fans, it's a joke; here's another beer you can throw at a toddler's head). Like all games going back in this rivalry, I hope this one is an all-timer as well. Hope you enjoy my "takeover" of Pats Pulpit for the next two days. Please comment to your heart's content.