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The old "Holy Trinity of the AFC"

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Back in the day (about, oh, five years ago), the AFC had it's own "Holy Trinity." While other flash-in-the-pan teams would come and go (like the Jaguars, Jets, Chiefs, and Bengals), the "Holy Trinity of the AFC" would sally forth year after year, providing fans with a measured, seemingly assured cycle of winning and losing.

The "Trinity" went something like this:

  • The Patriots would always beat the Colts
  • The Colts would always beat the Broncos
  • The Broncos would always beat the Patriots

The "Trinity" was broken, somewhat, in 2005 when the Colts walked into Foxborough and crushed the Patriots by 20 points in a primetime game. Since then, Indy has gone 4-1 against the Patriots while the Broncos have not made the playoffs, where they last beat (drum roll for dramatic effect.............................) the Patriots.

Today, former Denver Broncos defensive coordinator Larry Coyer (the man behind the Broncos' impressive defensive play against the Patriots earlier this decade) is now coordinating the Colts defense. Josh McDaniels, former Patriots offensive whiz kid (pictured right), is the current head coach of the Broncos. He replaced longtime Broncos coach Mike Shanahan this off-season; the same Mike Shanahan who once used to consistently beat the Patriots even though they had Jake Plummer as their quarterback. Just a few weeks ago, new Broncos coach Josh McDaniels coached his team to a victory over (drum roll again...........................................) the Patriots!

Next thing you know, Bill Belichick will hire Mike Shanahan as a "Coaching Consultant," making this shifting of "Trinity" coaches a real cluster fu... er, mess. Maybe we'll see Tony Dungy hired as a "Defensive Consultant" in Denver.

Maybe flaming monkeys will shoot out of my butt.

Despite the coaching changes and shifts, in 2009 the Colts, Patriots, and Broncos are a combined 20-4. All three lead their respective divisions. Again, while other teams seemingly come and go, the Trinity seems to always be there.