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New England Patriots Links 11/13/09 - Patriots Hyped To Hold These Horses

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<em>Even if the hole is only this big, I'm going to lower my shoulder and blast through it.  Just like Freddy taught me.</em>
Even if the hole is only this big, I'm going to lower my shoulder and blast through it. Just like Freddy taught me.

Albert Breer notes Tully Banta-Cain didn't shy away from saying this is a measuring-stick affair for the Patriots.

"This is an opponent we’re gonna have to face, hopefully, down the road," he said. "They’re always at the top of the league and in the playoffs. We know this is a game that’s really gonna make a statement on our team and where we can go. We’re all conscious of it, and we’re not trying to overthink it, but we know it’s gonna be a tough game and we gotta play our best."

Christopher Price lists Five Things to watch for Sunday Night.  Here's one of them:

Dallas Cark vs. Brandon McGowan. This is the must-see matchup of the game. Clark is a tight end without peer, while McGowan has developed a rep as a tight end stopper. McGowan cuffed around Tony Gonzalez (one catch against McGowan) and Kellen Winslow (two catches against McGowan) pretty thoroughly earlier this season while working in the safety/linebacker hybrid role that Rodney Harrison perfected with the Patriots. Now, McGowan gets his shot at Clark. Look for him to be handsy with Clark at the line, playing him physically right up on the line of scrimmage.

Ron Borges has a terrific column on Tom Brady, well worth the read. 

It is what kept him going last year through the greatest trial of his athletic life and what pushes him into dark film rooms and early morning wakeups even now. Call it fear if you’d like because, in a way, that is what it is. Fear of failure is the emotion that forges greatness.

"I think I’ve always needed to prove it to myself," Brady told the Herald this week. "I don’t think I ever believe I’ve got it figured out because I was never the best athlete. There were always guys picked ahead of me. No matter how much you win you don’t forget that.

"I don’t believe I’m very good. If I don’t put the work in there I don’t believe I’ll be very good. That’s how I’ve come to see it.

"That’s what keeps me going [the feeling you get when you win the Super Bowl]. The competition in practice is just as competitive to me as the competition in a game. If we have a bad practice you lose sleep on those nights. I’m the leader of the offense. They’ll go as I go. If I got a crappy attitude they’ll have a crappy attitude. If it gets to the point where I’m thinking, ‘Hey, it’s Wednesday, I don’t care,’ I’ll shut it down because I’ll know it’s time to go."