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New England Patriots Links 11/14/09 - Third Down Conversion Edition

<em>Ben Watson warming up for some action against the Colts on Sunday.</em>
Ben Watson warming up for some action against the Colts on Sunday.

Bill Belichick details the process of picking which plays to run, which ones to throw out and how to prioritize what the players need to know.

You always want to prioritize what's important, because by the end of the week we're sitting here on Friday or Saturday and every player has been told 1,000 things: ‘Do this,' ‘Do that,' ‘When this happens, do this,' ‘When that happens, do that,' ‘If they do this, you're going to check to that,' ‘Read this guy,' ‘Read that guy.' He's got 1,000 things in his mind and I think it's important to boil it back down to, ‘OK, those are all techniques and they're all adjustments and they're things we need to do, but what do we need to do to win this game? Let's make sure we've got first things first.' Because somewhere between those 1,000 things, there's one and then there's 1,000. There's got to be some kind of priority, so I think every time you come to the end of the week, you want to bring it back to what are the most important things to do as a team and at each position, whether it's tight ends, ‘Here are the three most important things for you to do this week.' For the corners, ‘Here are the three most important things for you.' That type of thing, so that you don't lose sight of the big picture and so you don't take a chance on players not knowing what the most important things are and making those decision themselves. You remind them that this is how the game is played. This is what your role is. This is what your job is. First things first.


Friday is certainly a coming together time and Saturday a lot of times is just a further coming together or further solidifying. Maybe we put some things on the back burner. ‘We've got this if we need it.' ‘We've got that if we need it.' ‘If this situation comes up, this is how we're going to handle it, but this is where we're going to go with. Here's how we're going to play the game.' Now if we have to adjust it, we adjust it. Because again, when you go through all of that in the beginning of the week, the players don't really know - and sometimes the coaches don't know for sure either - exactly how it's going to unfold. Again, I think to just identify and get everybody on the same page - ‘Ok here's how we're going to start, so let's don't get confused with this other stuff. If we need it, we'll come to it, but that's not what we're going to lead with.' So then the players can really zero in on, ‘Ok, these calls, these adjustments...if this is called and that happens, here's what we're going to do. There's another play were that might happen, but that play is 40 plays down the road. That's not what we're thinking about right away.'