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Thanks for letting me trash your blog Patriots fans

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So, thanks for being stupid enough kind enough to let me run your blog for a few days, Patriots fans. Though your liquor cabinet is bare, your toilet seat is coated in piss stains, and the living room carpet as a nice, warm present waiting for you when you get home, I'm sure you enjoyed my two days of blogging here. I appreciate all the fine comments and the insight. This is a smart, intelligent Pats fan community here (well, except for andrew29910, but even Pats fans are making fun of him), and it has been a joy to see the Colts and Patriots blog communities really come together and enjoy this great sports rivalry. 

I leave you with a great quote from Colts center Jeff Saturday, who was interviewed by You might remember him as the guy who pancaked Vince Wilfork into the endzone on Joseph Addai's game-winning TD in the 2006 AFC Championship Game. Saturday, who is likely a future Hall of Famer, has a great quote about this upcoming game that I hope both players and fans take to heart (emphasis mine):

Question: Is it fun to play games like this [Against the Patriots]?

Jeff Saturday: Absolutely! I think the thing you do want to take away from this week is enjoy the week. Understand, this is cool. This is what you play football for. You don't play for the 0-5 teams, or the 0-8 teams. You play for the two best teams in the division, or in the conference, playing each other and battling it out. I mean, there's no hiding. We'll see where we are Sunday night. I think that's exciting. I think players that enjoy this game understand how fun these times are and how few times you really get this opportunity. So, you might as well go out and make the most of it.

I hope you enjoyed this week as much as Jeff Saturday seems to have. Enjoy the game Sunday everyone.