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Back in the saddle...errhh...Duck Boat again

No, I haven't gone to the darkside.  I'm still your old, loveable MPF (emphasis on old).  I had a fun lead up to this most heralded game, but I'm still looking to head into the Lube and end Indy's undefeated streak in style.  Looking at the injury report, we appear to have key folks coming back.  Granted, it was the media portion of practice and those players could've sat during the closed portion, but it bodes well for us.  Of particular note: WR Julian Edelman, RB Sammy Morris, C Dan Koppen, S Brandon Meriweather, and LT Matt Light (Doubtful).

Out of all of these returning players, I think Edelman will be the most impactful, IF his arm has healed enough.  He'll provide a nice third receiver option for Brady and could rotate in and out with Wes Welker to keep him fresh.  I would then suggest Sammy Morris in order of importance.  When Laurence Maroney is having trouble, Morris seems to find a way to work through the holes.  He's also been providing a nice checkdown target for Tom Brady.

All in all, these returns to practice are good to see.  Or maybe Darth Hoodius is making Indy prepare for them when they may not return?  No, he would never do that with an injury report, would he?