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New England Patriots Links 11/18/09 - Humbled But [Still] Loveable

<em>Injured Matt Light practiced for the first time Friday and is eager to return to action.</em>
Injured Matt Light practiced for the first time Friday and is eager to return to action.

Bill Belichick is all about the Jets as he addresses the media Tuesday.

OK, we're getting ready for the Jets and that's in addition to what we saw from them earlier in the year. They have added some things offensively [and] defensively. [They have] a real good running game, of course. They present the usual scheme problems, the ones we worked on the first game and that they did a good job with. We have a lot of work to do there. It's a division game [and] it's November, so we've got to play well Sunday. We need to play a good game here against the Jets. They got us the last time and we need to win the division.

Joe Fitzgerald feels the fans made the wrong call after Belichick's gamble.

It’s odd how we express contempt for coaches who are too conservative, too unimaginative, who play it too close to the vest, then vilify one for throwing caution to the wind, even though his track record suggests his instincts are usually correct.

We profess to admire those who swing from their heels, shoot for the moon, exhibit the courage of their convictions, never cautioning them to play it safe.

Truth be told, if Belichick’s move had worked we’d now be basking in its glory. But because it fell 30 inches short we’re offended by its failure. And we view ourselves as sophisticated? Please.

Deshawn Zombie, Colt's blogger ( can't believe he's defending Bill Belichick.

The Pats offense did NOTHING in the final 2.5 quarters. They scored 10 points on drives that started from the Indy 7 and the Indy 31. They also turned the ball over twice. That's the definition of doing nothing. The Pats defense gave up 28 points already and was about to have Peyton Manning drive the length of the field on them. Instead, Belichick flipped the script. Instead of the headlines being, "PATS WEAK", "PATS BLOW LEAD", "PATS DEFENSE SOFT", "BRADY GREAT IN FIRST HALF, WEAK IN SECOND HALF" everyone is focused on what an idiot Belichick is, as if he gives two craps what they say. Bill Belichick fell on his sword for his team Sunday night. They folded, and he took responsibility in the most manly way possible. No one is questioning the players about their mistakes. They are all focused on the coach. It's brilliant.

Belichick might have killed the Colts on Sunday night. By being aggressive and failing, he has opened the door for Jim Caldwell to play passive the rest of the year and get away with it.  Now when Jim punts instead of going for it, the local fans and media will embrace the conservative calls.  This possibility terrifies me.  Don't listen to the pundits.  Belichick did the right thing.  I can only hope Caldwell has the balls to do the same when it matters.