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Interview: "Sports Jobs with Junior Seau" on VERSUS

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One of the fun parts of this gig is the chance to interview people in the sports world.  From athletes to sports columnists, it's cool playing "big time" sports media guy (I'm a legend in my own head).  I also like to give you a bit of behind-the-scenes; to me, that's more fun than just listening to a plain, old interview.

I was contacted by a guy who knew a guy (seriously) to interview Junior Seau.  VERSUS is broadcasting "Sports Jobs with Junior Seau".  The concept is this: Junior takes on various sports jobs that are mostly behind the scenes type occupations.  Check out the video after the jump for more about the jobs.

You get the picture.  Well, representatives for VERSUS reached out to the blogging community to get on a conference call and interview Junior about the show.  There were 2 of us football guys, but Hockey as well as MMA was represented.  All in all, a good mix of people.  Junior had done jobs in all these areas, so it turned out to be pretty interesting.

When I first got the email, I figured I'd get a chance to ask Junior a lot of football questions.  It's a good thing I'd prepared some questions about the show!  Once on the call, the moderator introduced himself and let me know that I should be concentrating my interview on "Sports Jobs".  Uh oh.  After scrambling a bit while the other interviewers did there thing, I had my turn (if you want to fast forward through, I'm at about 15:30).

Without further delay, check out us bloggers interviewing Junior about his new VERSUS show, Sports Jobs with Junior Seau.