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MBTA driver Charice Lewis to be honored by Patriots

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If you're not from the Boston area, you may not have read about this story.  A little background, if I may.  The "T", short for Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) is a network of trains, subways, buses, and boats that comprises much of the public transportation in the Boston area and its suburbs.  I've used the MBTA for many years, especially during sporting events or concerts at "The Gahden".

Of particular note to this story, the subway system is divided into "Lines" which use colors to designate their routes.  Orange Line, Green Line, Blue Line... you get the picture.  I frequented the Orange and Green Lines in my youth because they went right through North Station, a stone's throw from Boston Garden, or whatever it's called today.

The subway system runs on electricity, the infamous "third rail" taking on the role of "Ole Sparky".  We grew up getting a good scolding from our parents to avoid the third rail or ZAP!!  Well, a few weeks back, a woman was waiting for the train at North Station where she was seen wobbling on the landing.  She subsequently fell onto the tracks, inches from the third rail and seconds from being run over by an oncoming train.  Alert bystanders waved frantically and the driver Charice Lewis stopped the train inches from the drunk woman.  Check out the surveillance video (1:45 is about the best angle).

The Patriots have selected Charice to be their coach of the week and will replay the ceremony at halftime during this Sunday's Jets matchup.

Hats off Charice Lewis!