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A new Sheriff in town


There's a new Sheriff in town.  Or maybe an additional Sheriff?  How about co-Sheriff? get the picture.  Our very own SlotMachinePlayer has stupidly graciously accepted a role as Moderator of this fine rest stop on the Internet known as Pats Pulpit.  SMP has been flagging content for me on a regular basis.  I'd then check it out and take the appropriate action.  Well, he now has moderating super powers and can ACT on his flagging, or something like that.  He wanted me to mention that he's accepting donations, $10's and $20's are more than welcomed.

Now seems like as good a time as any to mention our Community Guidelines.  The guidelines document is the tome both SMP and I will use to judge content.  I think it's fair and designed to encourage interaction while discouraging bad behavior.  For the most part, we have a really good crew here.  Except for the occasional insipid commentor, most trolls are scared away by the collection of intellects frequenting this site.  Yeah, that's it.

Please join me in welcoming SlotMachinePlayer to the list of folks that support this site and make a fun place to hang.