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New England Patriots Links 11/24/09 - Marching Onward To The Saints

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Total Team Tackling
Total Team Tackling

Bill Belichick talks about the New Orleans Saints' offense...

It's everything. It's wherever you want to start - running backs, quarterback, tight ends, receivers, offensive line, the scheme, all the different things that they do [and] that Sean [Payton] does offensively. You've got to defend a lot of scheme, a lot of players. They score a lot on defense. They've got a whole bunch of turnovers. It seems like every game you watch they are running one or two interceptions back for a touchdown. I bet they've had two or three of them called back that they've run back for touchdowns. I don't know how many they've had, but it's a lot. Usually, you've seen one or two of those a year from a team and these guys got one every week. They are pretty dangerous. Kickoff returns for touchdowns, interception returns for touchdowns, strip sacks, and pick up and run them in for touchdowns. You've got to try not to let them score when we have the ball.

...and the Patriots defensive line.

I think those guys have been very competitive. I think they play well. And we've been able, with Vince [Wilfork], moving him from inside to outside, he certainly gives us a level of flexibility that is valuable. Myron [Pryor] can play inside as well, he gives us some snaps in there at the nose and so has Mike [Wright]. I think we've gone up against some good offensive lines, we are going up against another one this week. So we've got challenges every week, but I think those guys are working hard. They are competitive. They work well together. They have pretty good continuity. Jerod [Mayo] missed a couple games there early in the season. We've had pretty good continuity at linebacker with Gary [Guyton] and Jerod, and I think that's helped our overall run defense and the consistency of the same guys, playing behind those defensive linemen. So they get a feel for them and the defensive system with their reads and so forth. The Jets are a good running team. They lead the league in rushing. I thought we did a competitive job against them. They got some yards there at the end of the game in their two-minute drive on some hand offs, but up to that point I thought we were competitive in the running game.