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New England Patriots Links 11/25/09 - Leigh Bodden Corners AFC Defensive Player of the Week

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CB Leigh Bodden celebrates one of his three interceptions against the Jets.
CB Leigh Bodden celebrates one of his three interceptions against the Jets.

Bill Belichick is asked how the Saints are doing, considering several players have said they are trying to emulate the New England Patriots.

Well, I just watch them on film, and I see them play and - as I said - they are good at everything. They don't make many mistakes. They cause a lot of problems. They're very explosive. They can put up a lot of points in a hurry and they have. It's hard to give them any more compliments than that. They kind of look, in some ways, a little bit like the Rams did back in 2001 with a player like [Reggie] Bush similar to [Marshall] Faulk - a guy who could come out of the backfield, and split out and be a receiver, but line up in the backfield and be a running back. Players like that that are just rare - very hard to match up with - that give an offense a dimension that you just don't see during the course of the year and then all the other things that go with it. Defensively, with their pass rush and [Jonathan] Vilma and Will Smith, [Darren] Sharper, they've got a great scheme and great players to go with it. Like I said, they do everything well.

Dean Pees talks up Vince Wilfork in a big way.

I don't watch a lot of other nose guards; I'm too busy watching everybody else's offense, but Vince does a great job for us. We're able to move him around, whether it be at nose tackle or move him out to end if we need to move him to end. He's a very intelligent football player. Besides being a very good defensive lineman, he's a very intelligent defensive lineman. And generally what happens is on most defenses - unless you get in to sacks and some things like that - basically in the running game, if the linebackers are making a lot of tackles and they're not gaining a lot of yards, it's usually because your defensive line is playing fairly well and it has taken a couple of them to block him. And so sometimes you're right, the stat sheet may not show up just how well somebody played. They may not have a lot of tackles, but if they're using up two guys to block them, that means that somebody else has the chance to make the tackle. And Vince does what we ask him to do within the scheme and he does it very, very well, and I can't tell you how much he means to our defense.

Nick Caserio discusses the need to have more balanced scoring in the second half.

Sure. In the end, our goal is to have more points on the scoreboard than the other club. Each week we go into it and we're expecting improvement on a week-to-week basis, whether it's the first half, whether it's the second half. Really, we've played OK at different points offensively, so I think the most important thing is being consistent for 60 minutes and finishing the game because you never know when that one play is going to sort of make the difference. Our philosophy in the first half is the same as it is in the second half. It comes down to executing a little bit better in the second half and making sure we are a little more consistent with what we're doing.