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New England Patriots Links 11/27/09 - The Stuffed Edition

Bill Belichick wants YOU to have a Happy Thanksgiving.
Bill Belichick wants YOU to have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Ex-Saint LB Rob Ninkovich compares Sean Payton with Bill Belichick.

"No, I wouldn’t say they’re similar," Ninkovich said, breaking into laughter. "No. They’re not similar at all."

According to Ninkovich, Payton has a bit of an edge to him.


"Coach Belichick, I’ve never really seen him lose his cool," Ninkovich said. "There aren’t too many coaches out there who are very even-keeled, who can hold themselves the way he does. It’s pretty impressive how he holds himself on the sidelines, to not get angry. He just seems the same all the time. So it’s impressive how he can do that."

Bill Belichick passes along "his Thanksgiving wishes to all of you, the fans, the players' families and everybody that has to put up with us through the year."

It's a great time for all of us to be thankful, especially those of us with the Patriots. We have a great situation here. It's a great opportunity. I appreciate the Kraft family giving me an opportunity to be the coach here. We certainly have outstanding facilities, and support and everything to work with. Robert [Kraft] talked to the team this morning, I thought he put the day in a good perspective - or tomorrow, as it would be. It's a good time to reflect and be appreciative and take at least one day out of the year to do that, we probably should take every day.  Anyway, with that being said, we are onto New Orleans.

Tom Brady answers if the team has been able to pin down the reason why in the three losses, they have been outscored 47-10 in the second half.

Yeah, I think playing 60 minutes of football. I mean, I think that's what every team's looking to do in the league: to play consistently over the course of every play, every series, every punt, every kickoff, every offensive series, four-minute, two-minute, the situations. You have to be sharp. You have to be on it. The momentum changes can happen very quickly and once you lose the momentum it's like playing a different team when you go back out there for the next series. It's important when you have a team that's reeling, that you keep piling it on so they don't ever have an opportunity to come back, like we did against Tennessee. We just kept scoring and scoring. By that time, OK, the game's over, but we just had some games this year where we haven't done that and the team has gotten back into the game and then we're the ones that are trying to claw back at the end. Believe me, it's something that we're all focusing on and something that's brought to our attention on a daily basis by our coach, so we're going to try to please him aside from pleasing ourselves.