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New England Patriots Links 11/03/09 - Brady Feeling Great; Ty Warren Ready to Play

<em>Ty  Warren raring to go for Sunday's game</em>.
Ty Warren raring to go for Sunday's game.

Bill Belichick evaluates where the team is right now and where they need to be.

Well, we need to be better in a lot of areas, and that’s always the case so, yeah … we looked at some of things we’ve done, trying to find ways to improve it. Certainly, the red area is always a good place to start, on both sides of the ball. And third down — even though statistically, we’re not bad, we could be better there. Score more points. Give up fewer. Keeping the ball in third-down situations. Two-minute. Our special teams, always better coverage. Explosive plays in the return game. The running game, the run defense. All … you know —  everything.

Tom Brady talks about how he feels and how long he'll play the game.

I feel like, I guess I’m 31 now – no, 32 – I feel the best I’ve ever felt. At quarterback, typically, like I said, guys retire due to injury at the quarterback position. A lot of other positions retire because they can’t run anymore. That’s what the game comes down to for 90 percent of the other players. For the quarterback, running is not the issue. I was slow to start, and I’m slower now, and I’ll be slower 10 years from now, but so is Favre, and so is Peyton Manning. With all these guys, no one can run. No quarterbacks can run. Marino couldn’t run. Elway couldn’t run when he got older. Steve Young become more of an in-the-pocket passer as he got older. Montana.

Assuming my arm feels great, there aren’t a lot of other things that are going to keep me from wanting to be out there and wanting to play. Five or six years ago, my arm would hurt every day throwing the football. I always used to think, man, how can I play and always have my arm hurting? Now my arm never hurts. So, like I said, I really understand my arm. It’s something every quarterback should learn. I know how many throws I can make. I know how to get it in shape for the season. And I know how to maintain it during the season. Even when a guy like Haynesworth falls on my shoulder. That could have been pretty significant. But because I think my arm is very flexible, it’s very loose in a good way, it’s able to withstand those sorts of things. If that’s always the case, then I’ll just keep playing until I have my social security if we have that left here in 30 years.