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New England Patriots Links 11/30/09 - Brady, Brees, Bayou: Be There

Site of tonight's epic matchup, the Louisiana Superdome.  Good times.
Site of tonight's epic matchup, the Louisiana Superdome. Good times.

Christopher Price offers his Five Things to Watch For tonight.

The Patriots want to limit the amount of damage Drew Brees, Pierre Thomas, Marques Colston, Reggie Bush, Jeremy Shockey and the rest of the New Orleans offense can do. The best way to do that is to keep it off the field as long as possible through tried and true means. Controlling the ball, winning the time of possession battle and keeping your own offense on the field are all paramount when you’re facing the high-octane Saints offense, and that’s what New England will try and do Monday night in the Superdome.

"That’s important. Usually the best defense for a great offense is our offense keeping possession of it," Brady said when asked about the plan-of-attack against a team like the Saints. "It’s a dangerous team, and offensively, we’re going to have to possess the ball and be good on third down."

Peter King calls the production of Moss and Welker more impressive in some ways than it was in 2007.

Back in the spring, Belichick called Randy Moss, Wes Welker and Brady on the carpet for their comments -- Moss' and Welker's, really -- that the New England offense should be more explosive than in its 589-point 2007 season. Sounded far-fetched at the time, and even through the first month or so of this season. But the Patriots have averaged 37.2 points per game in their last five outings; the 2007 teams averaged 36.8. And though the passing game hasn't been as explosive (50 touchdown passes in 2007, 20 so far in 2009), the production of Moss and Welker has been in some ways more impressive. Tracking the averaged combined production of Moss and Welker through 10 games, compared to 2007:

2009: Receptions: 14.2, Yards: 177.9, Average: 12.5. TDs: 1.2