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New England Patriots Links 11/05/09 - Brady, Patriots Up for Miami Challenge

<em>Vince Wilfork (75), Brandon McGowan (30), Ty Warren and head coach Bill Belichick laugh as the team stretches before practice.</em>
Vince Wilfork (75), Brandon McGowan (30), Ty Warren and head coach Bill Belichick laugh as the team stretches before practice.

Vince  Wilfork on the challenges posed by the Miami Dolphins' offense.

“We put a lot of pressure on ourselves, just to be accountable,” he replied. “When you step on the field, you want to make sure you play at a high level. And this week is a challenge. The Dolphins run the ball well, they have a real explosive offense, good offensive line, good backs, a quarterback who doesn’t make mistakes. So, we need to do a good job of controlling the game up front.

“They’ll do what they do. They want to run the football. That’s a challenge for us up front. If we don’t have our minds right, it’s going to be a long day for us again. It’s another division game, and we want to get out of it with a win.”

Bill Belichick talks up the Miami running backs, Ricky Williams and Ronnie Brown.

[Ricky Williams has] got good power. I think Ronnie Brown is the more powerful of the two, but they're both strong, they're both big. They have to be 240, 235 [pounds] - whatever they are. They're strong. They break a lot of tackles with their lower body. Ricky's fast. He's done a good job on the outside plays [and] the screens. He catches the ball well, as Brown does, too. I think either one of those backs could be the back for anybody. They have two of them and they use them both a lot. They run the ball as much as anybody in the league and they try to wear you down in the fourth quarter. I think either one of them could probably do it by themselves and they both have. And together it just puts more stress on the defense, whether they're both in there at once or not.

Only one guy can carry the ball, but fresh backs, running hard with that kind of skill are better than guys that are getting worn down a little bit. But those two guys could go all day and they run hard. They break a lot of tackles, make a lot of yards on their own and they have a good offensive line, too, don't get me wrong. They get them started and those guys break tackles and they pile up the yardage.

Tom Brady talks about what he could have learned about the team from the last two games.

When we execute well, we produce points, we move the ball, we get first downs. When we don't execute well and we don't move the ball, we don't convert on third down, we don't get the ball in the red area. If you're a quarterback, and you drop back, and you have guys open and overthrow them by about five yards, you know you're not going to score points. That's understanding plays that we had where we haven't done what we're coached to do. That's just not the way you can play football. In times that we go out and execute well, like what we did against Tennessee, what we did against Tampa, we scored points. I think it's just a much more concerted effort in practice and the concentration to get those things done.




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