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Ted Ginn: Not even the best receiver on his college team (but very, very fast)


Just to get it all out of the way up front: I know it's an amateur clipset and there's nothing scientific about it. But I'm going to ignore that and use it as one piece of evidence from a field of evidence that includes what I saw while watching Ginn on television in his college days and what I've seen of him (and his soon to be revealed former teammate) since they've entered the pros.

On that reel, there were 10 returns, 4 designed runs, and 8 pass plays. 36% of the time, what Ginn does best does not involve catching passes. That was true at the Old Horseshoe, and it has been true in the NFL.  Yet he was drafted as and continues to be pushed as a wide receiver.  But he has always been lazy in his route-running, and he's never been spectacularly sure-handed.  It is his blazing speed (and it is eye-popping) that makes the personnel men drool, and continues to tantalize the Dolphin faithful.

Ginn's blinding speed had a tendency to overshadow a slower man, but one who was -- and is -- an overall more valuable football player.  Granted, he's been playing under a better system in his professional life.  But even at OSU, he was a better route-runner and a more reliable pass-catcher.  Don't worry, patsfans.  You'll have another chance to see him live this year, all too soon: