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Late-Gate: Adalius Thomas Sounds Off; Personifies Why Guaranteed Contracts are a Bad Idea

<em>Adalius Thomas was dumbfounded at being sent home yesterday, and has no idea what Belichick was thinking.  No idea?  Really?</em>
Adalius Thomas was dumbfounded at being sent home yesterday, and has no idea what Belichick was thinking. No idea? Really?

Adalius Thomas was the first of the infamous four late Patriots to talk to the media about yesterday's disciplinary measure taken by the head coach.  He was clearly agitated by it and professed to be "dumbfounded" at the heavy consequence of being nine minutes late on a snowy New England morning. 

As he said separately to Albert Breer, "I mean, I could've been in a ditch. They really don't give a damn. Hey, as long as you aren't in that meeting, they really don't give a (bleep)."

There was a lot of talk about the weather, how the forecasters get it wrong half the time, how he thought it might rain instead of snow, and how once he was stuck this wasn't the Jetsons where he "jump up and fly."  Hey, we've all been held hostage on the road somewhere when we were supposed to be somewhere else.  It happens.  But certain situations are more important than others and for the the team this was one of them.

What A.D. failed to mention to reporters was what Belichick told the team on Monday, the last time they were in the building before their day off Tuesday.

It's going to take more commitment for us to get where we need to go.  More film work. Coming in a little early.  Leaving a little later.  Not running out of the building.

Forget about only being nine minutes late, Thomas should have been in there an hour early.  He must have said something to the effect of "I just do what I'm told" a dozen times, but that's not true.  He was told to come in early just two days ago and didn't make the effort to ensure that he would be.

Thomas' purpose in talking with the reporters was to clear his name, but all it did was make me realize that I liked him better when he kept his mouth shut.  I don't regret giving him the benefit of the doubt amidst the criticism aimed at his under-performing years in New England, but you'll now find me firmly lodged in the official "he's a bust" camp.

He can sack everyone in his path from here to Miami in February but it would still be too little too late to make up for his lousy attitude.  He talks about being a professional, but is that what you'd call tweeting his friends in other clubs around the league about what happened inside the locker room?   A.D. can tell himself he's a professional all he wants but actions speak louder than words - and his words have done him in enough without them.

As if that wasn't enough, he wanted to make sure reporters knew that he isn't to blame for the Patriots poor pass rush either.  It's the fault of he coaches and defensive schemes in case you were wondering.  He's "just an indian, not the chief" and has to roll with whatever plays are called.  Sheesh.  While the bus is rolling, might as well throw everyone underneath it.

Here is the complete transcript of Adalius Thomas' Q & A with the media.  You can listen to it here.