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New England Patriots Links 12/11/09 - Brady Misses Second Day of Practice With Rib Injury

<em>Wes Welker YAC-ing it up in Miami.</em>
Wes Welker YAC-ing it up in Miami.

Wes Welker selected to the inaugural USA Football/NFLPA "All-Fundamentals" Team.

USA Football, the sport's national governing body on youth and amateur levels, and the NFL Players Association have selected wide receiver WES WELKER of the New England Patriots and 25 other NFL players to the inaugural USA Football/NFLPA "All-Fundamentals" Team. This 26-man roster honors the NFL's most fundamentally-sound players who also commit themselves to service in their communities.

This honor recognizes Welker as an example for youth players – particularly wide receivers – to emulate due to his ability to properly catch the ball with his hands.

In addition to his fundamentally-strong play, Welker does exemplary work in his hometown of Oklahoma City. The six-year NFL veteran created the 83 Foundation, which provides underprivileged children of Oklahoma City to reach their full potential through values and mentoring relationships gained through football.

Adam Kilgore explains why Adalius Thomas will not be cut this year.

The Patriots are responsible for $4.4 million in guaranteed bonuses for Thomas each of the next two seasons, a total of $8.8 million that counts against the salary cap if Thomas is cut.

But the league is currently scheduled to operate without a salary cap in 2010, which alters the ramifications. Cutting Thomas, according to league sources, would force the Patriots to add all of the additional $8.8 million of Thomas’s bonus to this year’s salary cap. That makes releasing him prohibitive.

So for the next month at least, Thomas will remain a Patriot.