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New England Patriots in the RedZone, sponsored by ComCast

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RedZone...bleh.  We continue to struggle in the RedZone with a 47.06% success rate.  As explained in previous entries, keep in mind that a TD outside of the 20, like Sam Aiken's 81 yarder against Miami, does not count towards RedZone numbers.  Under 20 numbers are good when you want to know how a team performs in a "compressed" situation, when there's less room to maneuver.  And, as you may already know, a field goal inside the 20 is a RedZone "Fail".

This past week against Miami, the biggest RedZone "Fail" was a Tom Brady pick in the right-hand corner of the end zone.  Yet again, we find Brady forcing the ball to Randy Moss.  2nd down and goal-to-go, Brady lofts a pass to Moss that Miami CB Vontae Davis, 5 inches shorter than Moss, manages to pluck out of the air.  a) the ball should've been thrown higher where the 6-4 Moss could out reach Davis or b) it should've been to Wes Welker or Benjamin Watson.  How about pounding the rock?  Any way, second guessing...