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Quick Recap: Patriots defeat Panthers, 20-10

A W is a W, however ugly it is.  Randy Moss was essentially non-existant with drops more often than not.  Maybe we can count him as productive as a blocker or decoy - who knows.  All I know is Wes Welker is an absolute rock star.  10 receptions for 105 yards puts him over 100 receptions for the year...and he missed 2 games this season.

Offensively, I was happy to see us mix the run and the pass.  Laurence Maroney with 94 yards and Kevin Faulk with 58 simply chewed up the clock and kept Carolina off balance.  Defensively, things look a bit better.  The defensive backfield had some nice blocked passes.

This game, overall, was too close.  We needed some key Carolina penalties to keep the game going.  Against a team with better fundamentals, it would've been a different story.