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The Pro (Popularity) Bowl voting silliness

It's a good thing NFL Pro Bowl participation isn't determined solely on the voting intelligence of fans.  I consider "us" to be intelligent fans, but those other idiots... It's a good thing players and coaches make up the other two thirds.  There are a few obvious ones, like Peyton Manning topping the list for AFC quarterbacks.  Ok, I can go with that one.  His team is having a stellar season so far.  Vince Wilfork tops the list for defensive lineman which makes perfect sense.  Hoodie has moved him around so much this year that it truly shows his value to the team.  I certainly hope they pay the man.

Now let's get into a little silliness.  In particular the guy in the picture at..wait for it...fifth.  Sure, if you go by touchdowns Wes doesn't deliver.  But that's not his job.  Yards per game: 105.3, receptions: 105, receptions per game: 9.5.  And he did all of this while MISSING 2 GAMES!!  The other bit of silliness, I'm sorry to say, is to put Randy Moss ahead of Wes Welker.  It's clear the voters are going for "sensational" - big yards and touchdowns.  Andre Johnson deserves the number one spot; he's blowing up the field.  For receivers, the list should be ordered as such: Andre Johnson, Wes Welker OR Reggie Wayne at 2nd or 3rd; I think a case could be made for either.

It'll be interesting to see where the coaches and players go with this.  Hopefully they think about which players give them the most trouble on the field.  Just who might that be, pray tell?