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New England Patriots Links 12/02/09 - Moving On To Miami Edition

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<em>Dean Pees is hopefully pointing out the answer to the Patriots defense.</em>
Dean Pees is hopefully pointing out the answer to the Patriots defense.

Bill Belichick asked how much of what happened on defense looked correctable and how much of it was the Saints physically beating his team.

I would like to think most all of it is correctable. I mean the majority of the yardage that we gave up was on a handful of plays. I think they had eight players for over 300 yards or something like that, not saying all the rest of them were great, but anytime you give up that much yardage on a handful of plays it's bad. But if you can find a way to correct those plays and not give them up all at once, you would be a lot more competitive out there. So the big plays were clearly the biggest problem we had on defense. Like I said, I'm sure we'll see elements of those types of plays soon because of the trouble we had with them last night. That really hasn't been a major weak point for us last year, but it certainly was last night. Did they do a great job? Sure and I'm not taking anything away from them, but we've got to do better than that.

Dean Pees asked about what happened to the defense on that 75-yard touchdown pass.

We just had a blown call, and it is. It was disappointing yesterday because it wasn't exactly a call that was a new call. It's something that we have done numerous, numerous times and we just had a player just...the communication was even there. We even actually had the communication and for whatever reason, he froze and it happened. So it is rare and we've been doing a pretty good job in the past of not allowing big plays. And the biggest problem in this game was, I mean, that's all we gave up. We knew this was a team that thrived on that and you couldn't allow that. That's how they...I mean, they live for big plays. That's how they beat people and it was very disappointing. In eight plays we gave up over 300 yards of offense. You can't do that against anybody, but especially against a team like the Saints.

Dan Bickley (Arizona Republic) Had this to say about the Cardinals after the Patriots whipped them 47-7 last December in Foxboro.

Bah, humbug. Here we go again. Four losses in their past five games. Four losses by 21 or more points this season. The offensive line is getting worse. Members of the defense talk a lot better than they perform. Their image and credibility are shot. A disgusted starting quarterback is telling teammates to look in the mirror. This is how a team peaks for the playoffs?

This could've been a statement day

A chance to clear their name

Instead, the Cardinals are going down

As the worst team ever to stage a playoff game.

In a test of their inner mettle, the Cardinals actually were worse than skeptics had anticipated. In a strange twist of fate, Matt Leinart was inserted in the game to mop up after his college backup had shredded the Cardinals' secondary.