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Quick Recap: Patriots defeat Bills, 17-10

The Patriots offense didn't light up the field.  There weren't any gaudy numbers that make you think Tom Brady is back to his 2007 self.  But we did see, at times, a defense that did its job.  I was worried given the injuries to our starting defensive 300 pounders.  Ron Brace, struggling all season, was our primary guy and struggled in the beginning, but seemed to settle in.  The star of the defense?  Tully Banta-Cain contributed to 6 sacks with 2 sacks and consistent pressure.  What interested me the most was how creative the defense was called.  At times, they looked to be milling around, but didn't give the Bills offense a formation until the last possible second.

On offense, Laurence Maroney did not have crazy numbers, but he did show some true grit by absolutely pounding the rock down the Bills' throats.  Don't get your hopes too high; Buffalo is the 32nd ranked run D.  At any rate, we saw some good downfield vision and good turns of the shoulder to slice through.

A win is a win and puts us tied in the division at 4-2 with Miami, but with a better record.  The Bills are officially out of it.  They've been through a tough year and I gotta give them lots of credit for getting this far.