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New England Patriots Links 12/21/09 - Thanks To Buffalo, Patriots Win One For The Road

Randy Moss thanks his fans for their support after the game.

I'm gonna make it real brief.  Y'all had all two weeks to do all y'all's talking. Let me do mine.  It has been really a tough couple weeks but you move on. That is the nature of the game. I am happy that we got this victory and I appreciate all the support from [pause] my true fans, the players, the coaches, my family and loved ones and I have been in this league 12 years and I have been through a lot. These shoulders I have on my body you could put the earth on it. Just to let you know I bounce back. I appreciate it.

Tom Brady talks about the need to play more consistently.

I think at times this year we played pretty good football for spurts. It is a 60 minute game and doing that consistently has been a challenge for this team , for players, for leaders of this team , for coaches. We are just trying to find ways to make those critical plays, when we get in the red area we have to score touchdowns, on third down we have to convert. We didn't convert well in the second half we didn't have many points, we were on the sideline and couldn't sustain those drives. I was proud of that last third down. That was a big play for us to run out the clock there at the end. There just needs to be more of that.

Bill Belichick on the defensive scheme.

"We played a 3-4 most of the game. Our sub-defense, we used linebackers and six defensive backs. We were a little short on defensive linemen, so we let [them] concentrate on the running game, and our linebackers and that sub-group concentrate on third down and the pass rush."

"I thought we had good pressure on the quarterback for the most part. They've got good receivers and they were trying to throw a lot of screens on us. They hurt us on the screens in the first game, so I thought we reacted to them fairly well over all. They've got some really good skill players who are tough with the ball in their hands, and sometimes we had a little trouble tackling them."

"We tried to mix it up. We had a lot of different guys coming. We had some DB's and our linebackers try to stem the front and move it around a bit; just make them work to pick it up. Sometimes we got there, sometimes maybe we caught them a little off guard, or a little bit hesitant trying to figure out who's who."