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Quick Recap: AFC East Division Champion Patriots defeat Jaguars, 35-7

The Patriots did exactly what the smart folks on this site said they would do: they aired it out against a struggling Jaguars secondary to the tune of 23/26, 267 yards, and 4 touchdowns.  Oh, did I mention 3 of those TDs were to Randy Moss?  No?  3 of those touchdowns were to Randy Moss.  Maybe of no surprise was Welker with 13 receptions for 138 yards.  That would be over half of Brady's production.  Can we clone Wes?

What I liked seeing was an emphasis on the running game.  Laurence Maroney had a nice opening series until he decided to fumble when it counted.  The ball never touched his hands again.  Running-back-by-committee may not work for everyone, but it seems to sit well with this New England team.  Sammy Morris with 12 for 95 and a TD stepped up big time while Kevin Faulk did journeyman's work with 6 for 41.  Fred Taylor had a nice showing against his former team with 11 for 35, but the best play of all was a fake handoff to Freddy that drew about 4 defenders; Brady then tossed it to Moss for a TD.

Now we get to see how the seeding plays out.  Congratulations AFC East Champions!!