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New England Patriots Links 12/28/09 - Patriots Get The T-Shirt: AFC East Division Champions!

No masking that smile as Randy Moss has some fun with the fans after his fourth quarter TD.
No masking that smile as Randy Moss has some fun with the fans after his fourth quarter TD.

Bill Belichick was pleased with the way his players won Sunday.

That was really a nice performance by the players today. I thought those guys really did a good job. We had a real good week of practice with the holidays and everything. But I thought they did a good job of being focused all the way through - Wednesday, Thursday, Friday [and they] just carried it right into today. I thought they played a real good football game today. The players stepped up. They made play after play. We just did a lot of things right out there. I'm really proud of them. I thought they earned what they got today. It's a good win for us, a real good win. Right now we'll just enjoy it here for a little while and then kind of figure out what's next. But it's good to walk off that field as AFC East Champions this year and I'm really proud of the way the players stepped up and played today.

Randy Moss comments about the fan on the jumbotron wearing his mask.

It was entertaining. You know, I had a lot of teammates wanting me to mess with the guy. He put a little humor into it and I enjoyed it, man. That's the thing about having fun. When things go right, you get the fans in the game, you get the players in the game, so it was a stadium full of fun today and I think we all enjoyed it.

Tom Brady answers whether Bill O'Brien's game plan was getting multiple positions involved on offense.

Yeah, everybody was involved. Randy [Moss] had three big touchdowns. You know, anytime he scores, that's big for our offense. He's such a great target. He made some good reads in there. A few of those plays were ad-libbed on those touchdowns. Bake [Chris Baker] had another one. He's made a couple of really good plays for us this year and we've just got to continue to find ways to spread the ball around to different guys. And Wes [Welker] was great as usual. He took some really big hits in there. The running game really complemented our passing game and I think that's what we're going to need going forward.