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New England Patriots Links 12/29/09 - To Play or Not To Play, Belichick Will 'Do What's Best' For The Team

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New England Patriots celebrate their win over Jacksonville and earning the division champion title.
New England Patriots celebrate their win over Jacksonville and earning the division champion title.

Albert Breer knows Tom Brady wants to play in Houston.

"I'm sure [Bill Belichick will] have his own ideas, and down in Foxborough, it's not like it's a democracy there anywhere," the quarterback told Christian Fauria and Butch Stearns, sitting in on the Dennis & Callahan program. "We don't sit around and take votes on what we're gonna do. It's a one-man show and he makes the decisions. I think there's a lot at stake for us, the first and second seeds, they have that figured out, but the 3, the 4, the 5 and the 6, no one really knows about those. "You don't really play for position when you don't know who your opponent will be, nor does it really matter who the opponent's gonna be. We're gonna have to beat a good team."

Solomon Wilcots ( When Brady practices, Patriots are perfect.

After speaking with Brady the night before the game, I sensed playtime was over. Brady explained to me how his assortment of injuries had not allowed him to fully participate in practice during the previous weeks, when the Patriots managed to win only two of their four games. Brady explained how their offensive system would only carry over 15 to 20 core plays into each game, but there would be 35 to 40 new plays to learn each week. He went on to explain how, for a quarterback, it’s vital to run new plays repeatedly in practice during the week.

Instead, over the last four weeks, Brady had been running many of these new plays for the first time in games without the benefit of practice. On Saturday night he assured me he had a great week of practice and that the Patriots’ offensive point production was close to improving without taking drastic measures. "All we need to do to convert a few more third downs and points will come," said Brady. The next day, Brady went through the Jaguars defense like a hot knife through warm butter.

Bill Belichick says Maroney wasn't put in the doghouse after Sunday's fumble.

I think all our backs were productive yesterday. They all had good plays when they had a chance to play. Sammy got some carries and hit a couple … like, a 15 or 20-yard run right off the bat and had some short-yardage runs. He kind of had the hot hand there, and so we gave him some carries.

I think all our backs, like I said, have been productive for us all year, and they all were yesterday, and I hope they will be going forward. I expect them to.