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New England Patriots Links 12/03/09 - Is Miami Able To Follow The Saints' Blueprint For Beating The Patriots?

Karen Guregian explains how the Saints successfully stopped the Patriots.

No doubt others had tried [to eliminate both Moss and Welker], but New Orleans Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams was the first to hatch the scheme and have the players both up front and in the defensive backfield to implement the plan to perfection.

Williams decided he had to eliminate both no matter what, even if that meant sacrificing bodies up front. So he put four guys on Brady’s two favorite targets. Two other elements made this scheme work.

The big boys up front for the Saints were still able to generate an effective pass rush on the Pats offensive line, even without reinforcements, as Brady was constantly flushed from the pocket.

As we’ve discovered, Brady isn’t quite as effective throwing on the move.  So the combination of pressure, and Brady not having his go-to guys available, left the quarterback indecisive. That led to some poor throws.

Welker indicated the style of coverage applied by the Saints represented a "new twist" that he hadn’t before experienced.  "That was a great learning experience for us, or at least it better be, or else we’re in for a long season."

Tom Brady answered a question about how the Saints' replacement cornerbacks played so well, and about what happened on the Sharper interception.

They played well as a team. I really think that’s what it was. It’s not one or two guys in or out. This is a team game, and as a team they payed really well. They rushed the covered, they mixed the scheme up. We didn’t go out and play very well. When you don’t play well against a good team, that’s what happens. We’ve been on the other end of that plenty of times. We’ve got to do a better job of playing big in these types of situations. When the going gets tough, we’ve got to dig deep and play better. We still have a lot of football to play — a month of practice, a month of games. We’ve got to find a way to improve a lot of these things. We still lead the division. This week is a huge game for us. Hopefully we’ll go out there and play a lot better than we did last week. I’m expecting us to come out with the same confidence that we always come out with. I expect us to go out there and play really well.


I got flushed around a little bit. To tell you the truth, I didn’t even see him [Darren Sharper]. I was trying to throw the ball away. I didn’t even see him hovering back there. As soon as I let it go, I saw him running toward the ball. That was a bummer.

Bill Belichick was asked, "Have you found there's a characteristic of teams that consistently win on the road?"

They play well.