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New England Patriots Links 12/04/09 - Is Joey Porter Saving His Trash Talk For Sunday?

Christopher Price offers his Five Things to Watch For Sunday afternoon.  As Kevin Faulk put it, "Everybody this time of year is playing for something.

The Patriots’ pass defense. New England struggled mightily on Monday night against the Saints, suffering complete breakdowns in almost every area when it came to pass defense. The pass rushers had trouble getting any pressure on Drew Brees, the defensive backs couldn’t match up well with the New Orleans’ receivers and a lack of communication allowed the Saints to connect for several big plays (eight of 15 yards or more) in the passing game.

For the New England defensive backs, when it comes to bouncing back and regaining some confidence, there’s no better remedy than the Miami passing game. The Dolphins are averaging just 161.8 passing yards per game, the 30th best mark in the league.

Tedy  Bruschi talks about the Patriots offense against the Miami defense.

I think the Patriots offensive line is starting to get beat up. Steven Neal went down last week and came back in. He's as tough as they come. Then you look at Matt Light, Dan Koppen, Sebastian Vollmer, Nick Kaczur, Dan Connolly, all these guys are banged up. Everyone is banged up at this time of year, but when you have your entire offensive line banged up, that's when you start to see three-man rushes that start to get pressure on Tom Brady, or guys getting beat one on one. This being a short week, it gives you less time to heal from those injuries. This is sort of a MASH unit right now. I know they're hurting a bit, but I know these guys and they're tough, some of the toughest guys in the league. They just have to suck it up and do whatever they can to protect Tom Brady because one guy who is going to be juiced over there is Joey Porter. He is not saying much this week up to this point. He doesn't need to. He said it all last time they played and last time they played it was zero tackles and zero sacks. He wants to make up for that in a big way.