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New England Patriots Links 12/08/09 - Put Up or Shut Up Time For '09 Patriots

LoMo tells it like it is.
LoMo tells it like it is.

Laurence Maroney says the Pats are trying to hold onto their one-game AFC East division lead by zeroing in on what they can control.

"We need to stop living in the past," Maroney said. "We ain’t the ’07 team, we ain’t the ’03 team, we ain’t the ’01 team. We’re the ’09 team. We got to play with what we have here and make a name for ourselves and stop living like, ‘Oh, we’re the championship-caliber team.’ Just focus on what we can do now."

"A lot of the players who were on those (championship) teams are not here," Maroney said. "We have to really make a name for ourselves as being the ’09 team."

Bill Belichick elaborates on the missed opportunities in Sunday's loss.

It's such a varied set of plays and situations; I don't know how you could bring it down to one thing. We had opportunities offensively to put the game away and score more. We had opportunities defensively to close it out. We had opportunities to help ourselves in the kicking game and field position, and we didn't take advantage of them. And you can look at other games and find similar opportunities. In the Denver game, we had opportunities at the end of the game offensively. We had opportunities in the overtime defensively to get off the field and get the ball back. We had opportunities to close out the game at Indianapolis. We had opportunities to stop them. And we've won games when we've done that, too.

I don't see it as one particular thing. Ultimately, it comes down to playing your best football at critical times in the game and yesterday was an example where we weren't able to do that.