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New England Patriots Links 12/09/09 - Ressurecting The Secondary, and The Season

CB Darius Butler still very much a rookie.
CB Darius Butler still very much a rookie.

Adam Kilgore catches Brian Hoyer's thoughts about Tom Brady and playing for the Patriots.

" [Tom Brady] has been great. He’s been very helpful. Anything that I need to ask him, he doesn’t hesitate to help me out, or even, he’ll just give his opinion on something. For a guy like that to do something – I don’t want to say go out of his way, because we’re always together. But he doesn’t really have to do that. He can just do his thing and move on. But he’s really helped me out a lot."

"His passion for wanting to get better and his passion for the game," Hoyer said. "He always takes practice like it’s a game. That’s something that I’ve always taken from him – go out there and practice like it is a game. If you go out there and prove yourself in that situation, then when the time comes, you’ll be even more ready." "I think every thing happens for a reason," Hoyer said. "If I could pick where I wanted to go, I think New England would have been the place, because it’s a good organization from the top down. I’ve been blessed to be here, and I’ve taken advantage of it every day. I wake up every morning, and I’m like, ‘I play for the New England Patriots. It can’t get better than this.’ "

Dean Pees was asked how to prepare his players from a pass defense standpoint, considering the success the Dolphins had against them.

You've always got to be able to do what your players can do. Where our problem was was primarily on the pass defense in this last game, that's different than the Saints game where we gave up big plays on some missed assignments, was the fact that we couldn't get off the field on third down. So whether teams attack us that way on third down, I can't tell you what other teams will do. Actually playing the passing game - playing no matter what - in this last game, on first and second down, was probably as much success as we've actually had all year.

When we graded the film, first down was fairly successful compared to most games. Second [down] was probably the best second down [game] that we've had all year in 12 games. Our problem in this past game was simply third down; we couldn't get off the field. That's why we had so many plays. That's why they had so many yards. We didn't give up as many plays - didn't give up a lot of big plays. We just couldn't get off the field on third down, for a lot of different reasons, most of which were fundamental mistakes, not necessarily attacking the team this way because we ran this particular coverage, because we really almost never were in the same coverage twice.

I don't know that it's going to be that as much as we've just got to do a better job of - we just fundamentally didn't play well on third down, from the front to the back end. We just didn't play well enough and that's my responsibility and I've got to get that fixed.