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Patriots quotes for a football-less Sunday

It should be made illegal, this Sunday without the pigskin tossing.  The Pro Bowl, as ridiculous as it's become, was something to fill my sunday.  Now, I'm forced to do projects around the house, spend time with my family and, in general, lead a relatively normal life.  For five months out of the year, I know EXACTLY what I'll be doing on the first day of the week: sitting in my chair with my "Blogging Table" (for the laptop, dontcha know), and commenting on game after game.  At any rate, there's a few news articles out there worth latching onto.

The first is a response to Dan Shaughnessy's diatribe entitled, The hard truth: Brady has gone soft.  The premise of the story is this: all of Gisele's coddling during Tom's recovery will make him a limp noodle, a wimp and worse, not ready to take the reins.

But you simply cannot have your quarterback being fed like an infant at poolside. Remember, people - this is a football player we're talking about. This is your quarterback. Think there's any photographic evidence of Johnny Unitas being spoon-fed? Bet Slingin' Sammy Baugh's wife never tried to sling any hash into his mouth.

IMO, being fed poolside by a rich supermodel sounds ok to me.  Tom and Gisele are doing what all romantic couples do: they're being romantic.  Shaughnessy was hunting for hits and he got them...900 comments on his piece alone.  Fortunately, cooler heads prevailed.  One of Shaughnessy's colleagues, Meredith Goldstein, writes about relationships and had this to say in response to Shaughnessy:

But I'm all for it. Why? Because the more Tom gets touched, stroked, and babied, the healthier he'll get.

As a writer who specializes in relationships, I am here to tell all the anti-affection football fans out there that scientists have proven, in study after study, that touching and loving heals the body. During this important off-season, while Brady is recuperating, Pats fans should be begging Gisele to feed him. To rub his feet. Whatever nonverbal acts of affection she can come up with to make him feel all better.

Now, I'm not as "new agey" as Meredith nor am I as critical as Shaughnessy.  Let me recap: poolside; rich supermodel; acting romantic.  Is there something wrong with this or have I been emasculated by many years in an estrogen bath (even my dog is female)?  Onto some more news...

3-4 nose tackle Vince Wilfork is wondering what's going on as he approaches free agency at the end of the 2009 season:

He is due for a hefty raise, considering that 3-4 nose tackles Casey Hampton of the Steelers and Kris Jenkins of the Jets both made more than $5 million last season.

But whether it's because of the Patriots being consumed by the Cassel situation, or coach Bill Belichick dealing with turnover in the front office and coaching staff, or just a simple lack of interest in doing a deal, the team has not contacted Wilfork about an extension.

"Last year at this same time - that was the last time I heard from them," said Wilfork yesterday from Florida.

It's very likely that the front office shuffle has played heavily in a lack of contact from Belichick; he's got a few things on his mind.  Oh, did I mention Cassel and a crapload of money for just 2 players (Brady & Cassel).  Wilfork doesn't hold a grudge:

I'm happy for Cass," said Wilfork. "He proved a lot of critics wrong. He raised expectations throughout the year, and he deserved everything he got. I don't look at him no different. He's one of my teammates, and I'm happy for him.